Mecca Electronic Industries Inc. is a leading full service distributor of interactive hardware, software, accessories and specialty toys for:

Microsoft (Xbox, Xbox 360 one of 4 in the US and the only Distributor on East Coast)

Sony (Playstation 3, PS2, PSP, PSPGo )

Nintendo (Wii, DS, DSi, DSi XL ) 

Mecca is recognized in the industry as a key distributor in North America .  We are entering our 35th year of serving over 400 video game stores in the US including regional & national chain stores. 

In addition, Mecca is an authorized distributor for all 3rd party game and accessory publishers including: 

Activision/Blizzard,Warner Bros. Interactive,Namco Bandai, Disney Interactive ,Lucas Arts, Atari, Majesco, Atlus, Midway, Capcom, Sega, Eidos, Sony Online, Electronic Arts, Square Enix,Take 2, Tecmo, Koei, THQ, Konami, UBI Soft, Dreamgear, Logitech, Intec, Horri, MadKatz.i

If you are starting your own video game store or are already the proud owner of your own business(s) please join our team of customers.  There is no distributor in North America who can match Mecca ’s available inventory, customer service, and speed. We keep every active title in stock from every publisher and due to our advanced warehouse facilities we can ship the same day we receive your order. Please fill out the retail application located in the “new customer” section of our website:

Thank you,

Mecca Team